First bloody show of tour! #rockherk



I’m always left in defeat, with the widest of eyes
The corpse of her youth, told this tale
Just to turn up with a shark smile
Devastating much like guilt
Yet you both fell together
Breaking bonds I fought to build
How can I compete,
When she’s screaming on the floor
How can I concede
That I’ d kiss your open sores
No more, no more
If you felt like less a person
My advice is stop beating on her,
It’s just a display
For you to feel alive
Your parasites are under my skin
Feasting on my pure heart
And I don’t understand
Why you’re so loving now?
It tore us apart
Don’t dare touch her again
The stink of his sweat is now on my hands
and it fucking chokes me.

Courtesy of Leigh Drinkwater.