We are six songs into this new record.



I’ve gotten so good at lying to myself
I say these things like “don’t go, I need help”
And the lines on your face are too much to touch
So I breathe and I let your warmth pull me in
‘Til we’re alone, and your okay, and I am washed in my sin
Because I can’t find fault in what you do
You have me at the heel and I can’t do this without you
Can’t do this without you

There’s no monster under my bed
When I realised she was in every word that I said
So I sit and I drink, I have nowhere to be
And I let this solemn song sing back to me
And in spite of my efforts it tears me apart
That I fail in removing you from my heart
Yes I planned to say all these terrible things
In the end I want to tell you that I miss you and it’s killing me
“Let me go.” Just murmuring… “Let me go.” Just murmuring…